Color therapy is not new. It has been used for centuries around the world. In his book Aromatherapy and Chakras, Salvatore Battaglia shares that “colour therapy utilizes the vibrational frequency of the colours of the spectrum to correct imbalances or disharmony within the body”. A simplified example might be how you feel when wearing certain colors. A red sweater might make you feel confident and grounded, while a blue one might soothe and bring a sense of calm. Battaglia goes on to mention that Hyssop is vibrationally associated with the color of violet, which is related to the crown chakra stating, “Violet is considered a very spiritual colour and has a spiritual dedication. Violet is intuition. It calms emotional upsets. It aids in psychic ability and is a great colour for meditation.”

In preparation for this mindful sit, I would encourage you to gather your hyssop essential oil, a diffuser, and anything violet in color (e.g., a blanket, pillow, sweater, socks, crystals) and place them on or around the area where you will be sitting for the next few minutes.

If you don’t have the essential oil or are someone who finds this oil contraindicated for your body, you can turn your focus to the beautiful image of Hyssop’s violet flowers in the above photo. You might even imagine that your sit is happening at sunrise or sunset, and the sky is a breathtaking explosion of purples, violets, and pinks with hints of golden white. Once you are settled and ready, you are welcome to either listen to the meditation or read along. 

Mindful Sit with Hyssop

Notice the aroma of this plant’s essential oil. Notice how your breath is affected. For some, this oil is opening, expansive, and clearing. You may notice how your mind suddenly feels sharper with less chatter.  

If you are someone who has recently experienced a cold or the flu with congestion, then you may also notice that your breath is moving easier with the additional space in the tissues of your nose and chest. Imagine with each breath that the cells within your nasal cavity and lining of the lungs are shrinking back to their normal state, allowing the exchange of air to happen with minimal effort. 

Now, shift your awareness to how the overall tone of the body has changed — into a position of softness. The muscles are more relaxed, your shoulders have dropped, the jaw has softened, and any tension in the forehead and temples has simply disappeared. If you’ve not noticed this shift yet, give yourself a few more conscious breaths, imagining how each inhalation is bringing in a lightness and the exhalation is releasing the dark heaviness that you may have been carrying up until this moment. 

I want to invite you into a special garden. This garden is an aromatic community of plants, flowers, birds and friendly bees. It is abuzz with graceful activity that also renders a calming sense of peace. In the center of this beautiful garden is a circular bed that holds Hyssop in full bloom. There are sweet flowers of white, pink and violet. The blossoms beckon the bees to dine on their nectar while collecting their pollen to share with neighboring plants.

Sitting in this peaceful space, you may begin to feel a gentle pulsing or vibration. It is very subtle and may be hard to detect at first. It is similar to the rhythm of your heart. Take a moment to connect to this resonance. Some consider this vibrational connection to be our spirits connecting with the divinity that surrounds us. 

In your mind’s eye, you may also notice a violet light. This can appear as a pulsing, rippling orbit that grows when we give it our full attention. I invite you to take a few moments to be with this light and the aromatic scent of Hyssop that surrounds your senses in this garden. Notice any subtle messages that come in during your quiet time with this wonderful plant. These are your personal messages from Hyssop. I will ring a bell after a few minutes to bring you back to the space. 


When you are ready, slowly bring your awareness back into your physical body. Wiggle your fingers and toes and move in any way that calls to you. You can also continue to be still for longer if this feels right for you.  

As we move through our daily lives, it can be easy to forget that this gentle, calming vibration is right inside of us. Our time spent sitting with Hyssop not only allows space for messages to pass through from our plant but also gives us time for quieting the mind and tuning into that internal vibration. 

By taking the time to slow down, be still, and tune in, we can access this calming sense of connection at any time in our day. I hope you found our time sitting with Hyssop inspiring and rejuvenating. Please comment below if you’d like to share any part of your experience with Hyssop. I look forward to hearing from you!