Happy New Year from both of us at Thrive! As Jenny and I welcome 2024, we're filled with immense joy and gratitude for being part of this incredible community. January isn't just the start of a new year; it's a gateway to new possibilities and growth in our collective journey toward wellness. Your individual paths, each unique and inspiring, are what make our Thrive family truly vibrant.

As we embrace this new year, let's infuse each day with vitality through the transformative power of aromatics. Elevating our daily rituals with mindful breaths and intentional choices rejuvenates our body, sharpens our mind, and uplifts our spirit. Embracing these small but significant steps leads us on a fulfilling journey towards a vibrant life.

Aromatic Highlights: Last month, we explored the ancient and earthy Spikenard, diving into its rich history and sensory experience. This month, we welcome the healing wonders of Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis). More than a fragrance, Hyssop is a powerhouse for reducing inflammation, detoxifying, and uplifting our moods – perfect for starting the new year right.

All through January, we will take a deep dive into the curious world of Hyssop. Here is a glimpse into what you can expect this month:

  • Focused Article: The Plant Behind the Oil - Healthy Hyssop.
    Take a look at its origin, history, and characteristics.
  • Essential Oil Recipe: A stock blend and ways to integrate it with your everyday routine when needing extra support.
  • A Mindful Plant Sit with Hyssop:
    Join us for a meditative session where we'll learn a bit about color therapy and connect with the plant spirit and energy.
  • Food Recipe: Healthy Soup for the New Year
    Join us in making this healthy and hearty soup that will feed your body as you start the new year.
  • Botanical Oil: Hyssop Herbal Infused Cough Drops
    Learn how easy it is to make effective and healthy cough drops to help support the body as it moves back to equilibrium from the cough and cold season.
  • Beachy Aromatic Reads: Find your comfy blanket and favorite cup of tea for a bit of "me" time with this amazing book.
  • Personal Story & Quick Tip: Chemotypes...what are they good for?
  • Last but not least: Thrive Live on January 25th!

Here's to a year of discovery, health, and aromatic adventures. Cheers to a transformative 2024 with Thrive!